Dyson DC37c Advanced Allergy Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with Radial Root Cyclone Technology

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Conventional vacuum cleaners rely on bags and filters to capture dust and dirt.  But can become clogged in some vacuum cleaners with bag the small holes in the bag during use.  Some bagless vacuum cleaners operate in a similar manner.  They use for collecting dust from a central filter, which can also become clogged.  The suction power is declining and dust and dirt remain in your home.

The patented cyclone technology, Dyson removes more dirt than any other cyclones.  At Radial Root Cyclone ™ technology provide customized air flow for maximum suction.  A more efficient air flow reduces turbulence and keeps the air pressure up to standard, so that the inner cyclones can remove more microscopic particles.  These refinements may still more dust, allergens and pet hair are removed from your home.

Ball ™ technology

The main components of the vacuum cleaner - such as the electronics, the engine, the post-motor filter and 6.5 meter cord - sit inside the ball.  This ensures a low center of gravity and stability.  Dyson Ball ™ upright vacuum cleaners have a central control mechanism so that they can follow.

Captures allergens, cleaner blows air out

Many other vacuum cleaners contain inefficient cyclones, so that microscopic particles such as pollen, mold spores, and end up in the filter.  If the machine is not properly sealed, these allergens and other microscopic particles may be blown off into the ambient air.

Dyson vacuums contain the most efficient cyclones are completely airtight and designed.  What ends up in the vacuum cleaner, disappears into the bin - not in the room.

Up top brush

Rotatable in different directions and angles in order to make clean eenvousdig high spots.

New switchable floor nozzle with suction setting

Choose between high suction power for daily cleaning and constant suction zwaarbevuilde for carpets and hard floors.
New switchable floor nozzle with suction setting.

Hygienic emptying the dust container

Press the button to remove the dirt. Hygienic emptying the dust container.

Designed for lower noise

Essential components are in the acoustically damped ball and soundproofing materials absorb noise energy.  This is not at the expense of cleaning performance.

Acoustic design

Quiet Mark allocated for high-quality sound without compromising on cleaning performance.



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