Raw FT1 Tilting LCD Wall Mount For Televisions Up to 32".

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The FT1 Tilting LCD Wall Mount is the variable tilt version of the popular FL1 bracket. Like the FL1 it is universal, catering for VESA and non VESA flat screens but has the added function of a variable tilt with a facility of between 0° and 15°, which can be adjusted whilst the screen is safely suspended.


Main Features | Raw FT1 Wall Mount


  • Allows the tilt to be adjusted between 0° and 15° whilst the screen is safely suspended.
  • Universal flat screen wall mount for screens 24" to 32"
  • Slot and bar system ensures quick and easy installation.
  • Back plate provides multiple fixture points to ensure safe installation to stud or brick work walls.
  • Safety features to ensure peace of mind once fitted include lock off safety catches
  • Compatible with VESA 75,100,and 200 and all non VESA

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