New Energy Labels

Energy efficiency is now progressively more important to us as a society. Therefore, it is now time to say goodbye to the old energy rating labels.

Why Have Energy Ratings Changed?

Energy labels were originally introduced back in the 90's to make people aware of how efficient an appliance was. It wasn't long until technology caught up, causing them to be updated to include three new energy classes back in 2011.

The A+, A++ and A+++ were extremely common. Over 90% of products were within this range, causing extreme confusion when people were looking to purchase something new.

In fact, under the new energy rating scale, products that were once classified as A+++ in 2020, are now likely rated B or C. A++ is now classified as D or E, and A+ will find themselves F or G rated. This varies from product to product, along with product type.

What's Changed?

The main change is the new scale. All labels will run from A to G, whereas old labels ran between A+++ to D. This will apply to refrigerators, washing machines, washer dryers, wine coolers and dishwashers to begin with.

Each new label now shows a QR code in the top right-hand corner which you can view using your phone. This allows you to find out more information about that appliance and its energy rating.

The final change is that the Union Jack will now show rather than the EU flag to represent the UK leaving the EU.

Old label
Old label
New label
New label
Say Hello to the new energy label

Why Do the Ratings Seem So Low?

This doesn't mean your household appliances are any less efficient than before, they are just rated slightly differently.

This will motivate brands and inventors to create new appliances which are more eco-friendly than ever before. Understandably, the new system has much stricter requirements to avoid changes to the scale within the near future.

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